Never waste
a card again.

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with Clementine cards:

1. give a card that can be given again

2. your card (&money) doesn't go to waste

3 .peel off a mistake in your message

Who knew card giving could be so continuous?

Less waste

5x more use

Endless moments

The Magic of Message Peels...

  • All of our cards are equipped with Message Peels, which is a pad of 5 removable sheets.
  • Anyone that gets a card from you can peel your message, and write a new one for someone else.
  • This can be done up to 5 times!
Get yours
  • Peel sheets from backing

  • Center within card

  • Apply pressure to adhere

  • Write message on first peel and gift!

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  • "I stopped buying greeting cards because I thought they were a waste. But I'd definitely buy these."

    -Stephanie G. Toronto, ON 

  • "I love the message peels! Messages written in cards are often the part I want to save, so the message peels make it really easy to do that.And, as an added bonus, I can reuse the card and save waste! Such a great idea!"

    -Alison G. Coquitlam, BC 

  • "This greeting card is so innovative! I've always loved the idea of things getting passed down and these cards do just that!"

    -Karishma P, Cambridge, ON 

  • "It's a great idea, I love that the card can be re-used. Makes me feel like my money is well spent! "

    -Samantha L. Toronto, ON 

  • "I love the reusability aspect of it. It's so simple, but so impactful!" 

    -Alyssa S. Brampton, ON 


How long does shipping take?

We use Canada post letter mail which usually takes about 3-7 business days.

Do you accept returns?

Yes! If you're not fully satisfied with your items we'd hate to have you stuck with it. Give us a shout and we'll be happy to assist. (some exceptions apply)

What happens if the message peels run out?

If I run out of message peels can I add more? Of course! Once the last peel is used a new pad of message peels can be applied within the card again.

Meet the Creators

"One night, we put the kids to bed, cleaned the whole place,
and decided to walk down memory lane together. So we grabbed our old shoebox full of greeting cards from our wedding.  

Some cards had long, lovely messages that wished us well on our next chapter. Some were simply signed by the guest's name to acknowledge that they had been present. After reminiscing together, we were finally ready to let the greeting cards go to make space for more memories. 

Something kept stopping us, though. It was this painful
feeling of knowing that such beautiful cards would be going straight into the garbage. It was tearing us apart that we couldn't re-gift these and share them with more people...especially when some of the cards only had ONE WORD written on them! So we ended the night off with a mission: to create a BETTER way to gift greeting cards."

That is how Clementine Greetings came to life.

Tehmina & Jameel