The Better Way to Gift Greeting Cards!

Love giving greeting cards but hate the fact that they will wind up in the trash after one use?
So were we... so we created a solution! Say goodbye to one and done cards!

Say goodbye to one and done greeting cards. Say hello to the better way to gift greeting cards!

Start spreading the joy today.

- 1 message peel pad
- 1 greeting card of your choice
- 1 tuck tab envelope

Yes! Let Me Choose My Card.
  • Peel sheets from backing

  • Center within card

  • Apply pressure to adhere

  • Write message on first peel and gift!

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Experience The Better Way To Give Greeting Cards...

One Card For Many.

Message Peels can instantly turn any greeting card reusable! With 5 removable sheets one card can be shared with up to 5 different people or more so you can feel great about helping reducing waste and making a positive impact on the environment!

Yes! Let Me Choose My Card.

Message Peels For All!

Use the cards you have at home! Message Peels are not only for our cards; they can also be applied to many standard pre-bought cards.

Awesome, I'll Try It With Clementines Card Anyway!

Make Mistakes, It's ok..

Message peels ALLOWS you to make mistakes! Whether it's a slip of the hand or misspelling of a name... no worries.

No need to spend time or money buying or looking for a new card. With message peels you simply "peel" and start fresh on a new sheet!

Yes! Let Me Choose My Card.

We're Changing The Way We Gift Greeting Cards...

-Feel GOOD about purchasing a card that will reach the hands of many loved ones.
-DELIGHT your loved ones with a card they can ACTUALLY re-use & re-gift...they'll love you for it!
-EMBRACE the feeling of knowing you're helping reduce unnecessary waste.
Yes! Let Me Choose My Card.
  • I love the message peels! Messages written in cards are often the part I want to save, so the message peels make it really easy to do that. And, as an added bonus, I can reuse the card and save waste! Such a great idea!
    Alison G. Coquitlam, BC

  • "I stopped buying greeting cards because I thought they were a waste. But I'd definitely buy these."
    -Stephanie G. Toronto, On
  • This greeting card is so innovative! I've always loved the idea of things getting passed down and these cards do just that!
    Karishma P, Cambridge, ON

  • It's a great idea, I love that the card can be re-used. Makes me feel like my money is well spent!
    -Samantha L. Toronto, On
  • "I love the reusability aspect of it. It's so simple, but so impactful!"
    -Alyssa S. Brampton, On
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Our story began at 2a.m...

After a night of cleaning and finally putting the kids to bed, we stayed up going through our old wedding cards laughing and reminiscing - but we were ready to let go.

We were torn by the fact these beautiful and expensive cards were just going to be thrown out. Some of them only had one word written in them! We ended the night off at 2 a.m with a mission: to create a BETTER way to gift greeting cards! 


How long does shipping take?

We use Canada post letter mail which usually takes about 3-7 business days.

Do you accept returns?

Yes! If you're not fully satisfied with your items we'd hate to have you stuck with it. Give us a shout at and we'll be happy to assist. (some exceptions apply)

What happens if the message peels run out?

If I run out of message peels can I add more? Of course! Once the last peel is used a new pad of message peels can be applied within the card again.