Our Story

"What a waste", thoughts at 2 a.m. after we threw out at least 2 dozen beautiful (and expensive) cards that were stored away in our closet.

Some cards had messages that warmed our hearts. Some cards simply read "happy birthday!" or "congrats!”. But they were all being thrown out because we couldn’t reuse them (even though we wanted too).

 So we started thinking...

"What if there was a card that could create more than just one memory?"

That 2 a.m. brainstorming session turned into months of thoughtful planning, designing and a passion we didn’t know we had - and that is how Clementine Greetings was born!

But we didn’t want to just create new cards. Our mission was to re-purpose not re-invent. So we designed Message Peels.

Message Peels is our new and innovative concept that allows greeting cards to be gifted time and time again. Simply apply a stack of Message Peels to the inside of a card and personalize with a message of your own. The top Message Peel can be removed to reveal another blank sheet. The card can now be shared on many occasions!

Whether you need a brand new card or are looking for a way to give a thoughtful card that was given to you, Clementine Greetings offers a solution.

We invite you to give your cards the journey of a lifetime!